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Centro Interescolar de Línguas de Ceilândia

Page history last edited by cleverson cavalcanti Pena 6 years, 7 months ago

Introduce yourselves to your circle


Hi, there! I am Cleverson Pena. I have been working as an English teacher for about 10 years in a public school which offers: English, French, Spanish and Japanese. There, it is an opportunity to the students to really study a foreign language in the opposite time of their Elementary school, Middle school or High school. They love to welcome some foreigners who come to visit us once in a while!
Unfortunately, because of the new Government in our city, the capital Brasília, the schools' calendar was postponed. So we had to start opening the school late and besides that, we faced a very difficult strike for a week. Then, you see I have been late on this post and we couldn´t start the English classes with our students as we were supposed to! I am excited to join the students and go for collecting ideas about Children's Rights. Actually, we returned to the school and have met the students at the beggining of this week. Some of them already know the purpose of the project focused on Children's Rights.

I post below some pictures of our simple school but with a very effective work in order to give the students the chance of using the four skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing into the foreign languages our school offers.



Comments (5)

KPS84 said

at 11:11 pm on Mar 25, 2015

Nice picture of john Lennon, I think is him

KPS84 said

at 11:11 pm on Mar 25, 2015

nice picture of John Lennon ps I think is John lennon

Patricia Faustino said

at 8:55 pm on Mar 7, 2015

Hello, Cleverson and students,
Thank you for posting some pictures and your comments on what is happening now in our city. In spite of all that, you have done a great job and put in some impressing pictures of the entrance of the school and the empty hallways, which in fact, depict the days of strike in the school. Good job!

Bob Hofman said

at 10:21 pm on Mar 5, 2015

Thank you, great to see the introduction despite all challenges at the start of the new year... looking forward reading the students introductions soon !!

Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 8:46 am on Mar 5, 2015

Dear Cleverson,
welcome to the learning circle and thank you for the detailed introduction.
The theme of the circle-Children's Rights - is also about the situation like you describe.
Please go forward with Challenge 1 tasks. Wish you interesting learning circle experience

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