Kennedy PS


Greetings from Toronto, Canada. Our class has 25 students altogether. We have 11 girls and 14 boys.


We are learning about Human Rights in our class. We are reading a book right now about a rich boy and a poor boy who end up living together on the streets of Addis Abba in Ethiopia for their own individual reasons.


Next week we are going to listen to Emmanuel Jal speak about his life. He was a child soldier in Sudan and wrote a book about it called War Child. He is now a human rights activist, and childrens' rights advocate.  He was recently in a movie with Reese Witherspoon call "The Good Lie" which is about starting over, second chances after a very traumatizing youth in Sudan. It is a true story and Emmanuel Jal plays a character from the story. He is also a rapper and hiphop artist. Here is some info about Emmanuel. 

This is all very new and we are trying to get used to this format online. We will add more about us tomorrow.  This is us back in October. We looked really young back then. We have also added our names below the picture!

Here is an easy to understand file on the rights of children.

Child friendly childs rights.pdf